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2008-01-02 09:54 pm
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Major Maker, "Rollercoaster"

(parenthetically, also used in a Maynard's commercial in Canada. mmm, wine gums. also, please note the presence of Kevin Hilliard, aka "The Clapper", the greatest guy in a band ever.)

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2007-12-04 09:41 pm
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PoP! goes my heart

what really kills me about this video (aside from its general '80sness) is that the guy who is not Hugh Grant is Jason Street from Friday Night Lights (though his character is more '90s boy band than '80s pop star).

I am not a big Fountains of Wayne fan (though maybe I should be), but I can't get over how freaking catchy Adam Schlesinger's movie songs can be. Exhibit B: