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[ profile] thatgirlemily threw the gauntlet, I picked it up

this is also a staggeringly incomplete list - mainly missing opening bands, and heavily weighted towards the shows I've seen in the last couple of years. a list of bands I think I've seen but can't quite remember if I have or not is at the end. I really should have kept a list this whole time. I really should start keeping a list from now on. It would have been so much easier if the Middle East made available an archive of every show they ever put on!

there are a number of bands I have a very good memory of seeing (often many times) whose names I just cannot think of right now, mostly indiepop bands. one notable (non-indiepop) one is this band whose name started with an L and probably had something to do with lounge? lizards? something? who I went to see about 5 times in the summer of 1996 at Phoenix Landing (when I could get in without them carding me). one of the members also played in The Ghost of Tony Gould. but for 3 years now I have not been able to recall their name.

I also do not want to admit to having seen half or so of Pearl Jam at the Tibetan Freedom Concert.

Last updated 8/24/06

Aberdeen City
Adam Green of the Moldy Peaches
Aden *
The Afghan Whigs
After the Fall
The Allstonians *
The Aluminum Group
Amina/Amiina *
Ani Difranco *
Annie Lin
Anushka Pop
Apples In Stereo *
A Silver Mt Zion
Atom and His Package
At the Drive-In
The Autumn Leaves
The AV Club
Burt Bacharach
Beastie Boys
Belle & Sebastian
Belle Orchestre
Black Ox Orkestar
The Blam
The Boggs *
Brilliantine *
British Sea Power *
Broken Social Scene *
The Bruises
Built to Spill
Burning Airlines
The Butchies
Cake Like
Calvin Johnson
The Cardigans
Circle and Square
The Clientele *
Clock Strikes Thirteen
Diane Cluck
Cocteau Twins
Coloring Book
The Dambuilders *
Damon and Naomi
David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights
Del Cielo
Denali *
The Dismemberment Plan *
The Divine Comedy *
The Dollyrats
Don Caballero
The Dropscience
Editors *
Elias Cohen *
Elizabeth Elmore *
Engine Down
Enon *
Explosions In The Sky
The Faint
Feist *
Finian McKean
The Fontaine Toups
The Frames
The Francis Kim Band
The French Kicks
Future Bible Heroes
The Fly Seville
Diamanda Galas
The Gena Rowlands Band
The Ghost of Tony Gold
Gigolo Aunts
Gildon Works
A Girl Called Eddy
Girls Vs. Boys
The Godrays
Great Lake Swimmers
Guided by Voices
Guster (ack, indeed!)
Harvey Williams *
Helium *
The Hidden Cameras *
The Hold Steady
Holiday *
Hot Pursuit
Hot Snakes
Ida *
The Ivory Coast *
Jabbering Trout *
Jen Wood *
Jonah’s Onelinedrawing
Jumprope *
K (Karla Schickele)
Kahimi Karie *
Keren Ann
Kevin So *
Kristin Hersh
Ladybug Transistor * (unfortunately)
Lake Trout
Langhorne Slim
Les and Moss
Louis Philippe *
Luscious Jackson *
Madder Rose
The Magic Numbers
Magneta Lane
Mark Eitzel *
Mary Lou Lord
Mates of State
Metric *
Mighty Mighty Bosstones *
Modest Mouse
Mogwai *
Momus *
Mondo Crescendo
Travis Morrison
My Favorite *
Noel Gallagher (can’t believe you forgot him, Emily!)
The Odessa Steps
The Orange Peels
Palomar *
Papas Fritas
The Pastels
Patti Smith *
Peter Salett
Pilot to Gunner *
Push Kings *
Q and Not U *
R.E.M. *
Radio 4 *
Radiohead *
Railroad Jerk *
Rainer Maria *
The Rapture
The Redwalls
Regina Spektor
The Reputation *
Rival Schools United By Fate
Rock, Star *
Royal City
Rye Coalition *
The Sam Roberts Band
Sarge *
Saturday Looks Good To Me
The Scarlet Letter
The Sea Navy
Sean Na Na
The Sheila Divine
Sigur Ros *
The Silly Pillows
The Skatalites
Skavoovie and the Epitones
Sleater-Kinney *
Sloan *
Small Brown Bike
Sorry About Dresden *
Sparrow (Chris Leo's band, not Jason Zumpano's)
Stars *
Statuesque *
Stereo Total
The Stills
Stuart Moxham *
Sufjan Stevens
The Sunshine Fixx *
Syrup USA *
Ted Leo *
They Might Be Giants
The 303s
Throwing Muses
Mary Timony
Toog *
True Love Always *
TV On The Radio
U2 (ugh)
Ultimate Fakebook
Urge Overkill
US Maple
Vanilla Ice (!)
Velocity Girl
Versus *
Vic Thrill
The Washdown
The Weakerthans
Wheat *
Worthless United *
The Wrens *
The Zips

plus! - the dude from Warrant and the dude from Sponge.

* multiple times

ones I’m not sure about – I’m almost positive I’ve seen them but have no actual memories of the show – Luna, Polvo (but could just be Ash Bowie in Helium memories, though I do seem to remember seeing Polvo specifically, as well), Archers of Loaf, Sonic Youth, Marine Research (or some other Amelia Fletcher project. I just can’t remember which), that dog., Juliana Hatfield, Air Miami. I’ve also definitely seen some Kim Deal project, probably the Amps, though it might have been the Breeders. Or the Kelley Deal 6000. Also, definitely have seen some British band like the Dandy Warhols (perhaps opening for Blur? Emily?).

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You have seen many, many more shows than I have. I am impressed. But I thought that the Dandy Warhols were from Portland OR and not British?

[identity profile] 2003-11-24 10:05 pm (UTC)(link)
could be that they are fake Brits - though I think the lead singer is the son of Hayley Mills.

my first year at Welles (and most years to be honest) I probably went to at least one or two shows every week. no joke.

[identity profile] 2003-11-24 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
dude- did we see noel gallagher at Tibetan freedom? i can't remember everyone at that.
I saw the Dandy Wharols open for Radiohead- did you see them then maybe?
I feel like I've seen more pop bands with you, but don't remember. Like Jumprope. That sounds familiar. I am pretty sure I saw Sarge, but not 100% positive.
Ladybug Transistor is etched in my memory of something we hated together. ha!
so jealous of Chisel too.

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Oasis were supposed to play, but Liam didn't make it (I think it was the tour where he just decided he didn't feel like coming and married Patsy Kensit) so Noel just played himself.

who opened for RH when we saw them at Irving Plaza and Harborlights? I have absolutely no memory at all. ditto for the Worcester Centrum show. also, I feel like Grant Lee Buffalo opened for R.E.M. when I saw them, but I honestly don't remember.

you probably saw Jumprope. I think you've never gotten to see Sarge. I couldn't find the setlist from the Boston Noisefest where we saw Ladybug Transistor and Push Kings and Divine Comedy, but I know there were a few other bands on there that we saw.

Chisel - sooo good! but you were in England, so there. :)

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also, you definitely saw Containe - they opened for Belle and Sebastian!

[identity profile] 2003-11-25 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
good memory! sometimes the opening bands i dont remember bc i never thought of them again. hrm.

DW opened for Rhead at harborlights, I forget who did at Irving Plaza. Worcester Centrum was when I was in Bristol I think, but I saw them in Wales w/Teenage Fanclub and Dj Shadow. so good!

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maybe there was no opener at Irving Plaza? I totally can't remember.